Photography is the documentation of life, once that shutter has clicked, the moment has passed and history is made. Some may be familiar with project 365, a simple concept, take a photograph everyday for 365 days. This blog is an extension of the project; the goal is to keep photographing every day, who knows how long? It is an excellent archive to look back on, see how things change. Change can be subtle, such as different coloured flowers being planted each year to a changing landscape with buildings being demolished and new ones built. This blog archives life’s diversity and my encounters.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Salamander

Blue Spotted Salamander
First Salamander of the Year - Bancroft, ONT

Corey Lablans Photography

Frogs (Bancroft) - July 2011

Various Frogs and a Toad in Bancroft, ONT
Corey Lablans Photography

Clockwise: Wood Frog, Cape's Tree Frog and Woodhouse's Toad.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kingston Canadian Open of Fishing

Anglers Descend on Confederation Park for Fishing Tournament

Corey Lablans Photography

Eighty teams from across Canada and the United States were in Kingston Thursday, July 21st through to Saturday, July 23rd for the annual Kingston Canadian Open of Fishing. The event draws in big name fishers such as Bob Izumi and Dave Mercer fishing for the grand prize. Cory Johnston was declared the winner with a total weight of 44.4 lbs over the two days. Johnston took home $40,000 after winning the title as top professional fisherman. The amateur winner went to Derric Izumi with a total weight of 42.6 lbs. The tournament also helps raise money and awareness for Soldier On, a program designed to help rehabilitate injured military personal.

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Kingston Dragon Boat Festival

13th Annual Dragon Boat Festival at Douglas Fluhrer Park
Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Twenty six teams from Southeastern Ontario partook in Saturday’s 13th annual Dragon Boat Festival at Douglas Fluhrer Park. The overall winner of the festival was the My Arms Hurt from Gatineau, Quebec. At noon the festival paid remembrance to those who have lost, struggling with or have defeated breast cancer during the carnation ceremony, where three teams, the Chestmates, The Dragon Flies and Prior Chest Nuts, whom are entirely crewed by breast cancer survivors, were out on the boats during the ceremony. The winners of the Kingston division was the Water Warriors and the Boys and Girls Club took first place in the B division finals.

Warm Weather Again

Warm W
eather Persists in Kingston
Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Left: Tabitha Weiher of Ottawa cools down her dog Brownie while attending the 13th annual Dragon Boat Festival at Douglas Fluhrer Park Saturday afternoon.

Right: Lacy Frizzell and Tabitha Frizzell enjoy the cool water and nice warm weather Saturdays while floating amongst the lily pads off the shore of Douglas Fluhrer Park.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kingston Sailing

Sailing at the Kingston Yacht Club

Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Left: Kathleen Byers-Richards, 11 enjoys the windy conditions Friday afternoon while sailing off the docks of the Kingston Yacht Club. This is her first summer partaking in the Optimist Intermediate Sail Program at the Yacht Club. Her parents are avid sailors and she has taken on the passion as well.

Right: Aidan Ross and Fred Scott, both on the Kingston Yacht Club racing team, hoist the spinnaker on a 29r while heading into the Kingston Yacht Club Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

E-Waste Drop OFF

633 Fortune Crescent E-wast Drop OFF

Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Ben Scott, Electronic Waste Specialist with Scott Environmental Group Limited stands amongst computer parts collected through their industrial recycling. The plant located at 633 Fortune Crescent is a 24/7 free drop off location for e-waste. They are a consolidator, collector and transporter of e-waste for Ontario Electronic Stewardship.

Beating The Heat - Kingston

As Temperatures Soar Many Move to the Shade or Water
Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Top: Sky, 3, is splashed by her father Patrick while at the McBurney Park wading pool Tuesday afternoon while temperatures were in the 30’s with humidex. According to the weather network, Thursday’s temperature is forcasted to be in the 40’s with humidex. The McBurney park wading pool is open daily from 11am to 4pm and the Victoria Park wading pool is open daily from 11am to 7pm with a lifeguard on duty at all times.

Left: Noah, soon to turn one, wades through the water Tuesday afternoon at McBurney Park while temperatures were in the 30’s with humidex.

Right: Sky, 3, emerges from the water at the McBurney Park wading pool Tuesday afternoon while temperatures were in the 30’s with humidex.

Bottom: Emma Goldstein and Gage Dunleavy take a moment to relax on the spinning playground equipment in the shade at Victoria Park after walking back from swimming down at the water treatment plant Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Injured Falcon

Injured Falcon Searches For Food

Corey Lablans Photography

A Falcon searches for food in the grassy fields of Grass Creek Park out near Gananoque. He was finding some worms, from one side he looks quite healthy but when he turn something had attacked him as he is missing an eye. Photos were taken on July 1st, 2011

Confederation Fountain Fun

Teen Cool Off in Confederation Fountain

Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Kristin Makulowich laughs as her friend Brianna Hill falls into the water of the fountain at Confederation Park Tuesday afternoon June 21st during the first official day of summer.

Blue Heron

Blue Heron Catches Sun Fish

Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

A Great Blue Heron dries off its wings prior to eating a fish it just caught while amongst the marshy waters of Gibraltar Bay off Gibraltar Road, off Isle of Man Road Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wild Parsnip in Kingston Area

Wild Parsnip can be Found All Over Kingst
Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

(Left Photo) Wild Parsnip fills an area of tall grass off Kingston Mills Road near Station Road.

After handling the fruit, flowers or leaves of Wild parsnip, humans can develop dermatitis. Aided by sunlight, chemicals in the plant cause inflammation of the skin. Mild cases cause burning sensations and reddening of the skin. Severe cases can lead to blistering and extreme burning sensations. Wild parsnip reactions often present as long spots or streaks on the skin and are commonly confused with the effects of poison-ivy. (Info from site below)

Other names: Giant Hogweed and Giant Cow Parsnip
The Lansdowner's Guide to Controlling Invasive Woodland Plants; 2004. Invasive Species Strategy for Canada. Environment Canada.

More on the story visit:

Information Site:

Kingston Weather

Summer Pe
rmits Drastic Change in the Weather
Corey Lablans Photography

(Left photo) Sailboats sit anchored out in the Cataraqui River beyond the La Salle Causeway as the sunsets during a calm Tuesday evening.

(Right photo) An early afternoon storm approaches Kingston from the north funneling straight down the Cataraqui River towards the La Salle Causeway. The usually sheltered bay became rough as the wind picked up with heavy rain following.

Performance Plants Signs Deal

Performance Plants Signs Deal with Beijing Base Company
Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

(Top Photo) Yafan Huang, president and chief scientific officer of Performance Plants located at 700 Gardiners Road inspects a culture dish containing arabidopsis, the model plant used for genetic modifications of dicots. In the background a more fully established plants they have been testing.

(Bottom Photo) Yuping Lu, General Manager of Beijing based company DBN Biotech Center (left) and Yafan Huang, president and chief scientific officer of Performance Plants signs a contract Wednesday afternoon at City Hall, giving DBN exclusive rights to Performance Plants’ heat and drought tolerance plant technology.

More on the story visit:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bite Leaves Kingstonian Recovering

Bushmaster Bite From Suriname Leaves Kingston Man Recovering
Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Brent O’Hara is recovering from bushmaster viper bite that occurred three and half weeks ago in Suriname, South America. The recovery time is expected to take another month before he will be able to fully walk again. Doctors informed O’Hara that typically 7% of victims die in the hospital, while if not treated the death rate is around 85%.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Queen's Observatory Open House

Second Saturday of the Month Queen's Observatory Open House

Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Well over 100 people came to Ellis Hall Saturday night for the Queen’s Observatory open house as professor Martin Duncan opened the evening with a talk on “Planets in Chaos.” Every second Saturday in the month the observatory holds an open house, participants can view planets, nebulae and galaxies with the observatory telescope or by several telescopes on the observing deck. At the beginning of every open house, someone in the astronomy department presents a short talk about astronomy related topics, Mr. Jonathan Sick, a current PHD candidate Queen’s University will be talking at the next open house Saturday, August 13th at 9pm.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wild Parsnip in Kingston Area

Wild Parsnip Contributes to Death
Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Ron Fitzgerald, with his wife Jo-Ennis Fitzgerald, holds up a photo of his father and brothers . Wild parsnip is said to have been a contributing factor in the death of Ron’s brother, Owen, the right brother in the photo.

More on the story read:
Story by: Katherine Fernandez-Blance For The Whig-Standard

NDP Candidate 2011

2011 Kingston and Island NDP Candidate

Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Mary Rita Holland is running to be nominated as the candidate to represent the Kingston and the Islands New Democratic Party for the October 6th election.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sutherland Drive Park Fire

Copper Wire May be Responsible for Fire
Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Mike Koshowski, acting captain with the Kingston Fire and Rescue left uses a broom to sweep burning material away from non burnt material while Steven Duetta and Dan Rioux spray water containing foam. “The foam acts as a surfactant allowing the water to be more slippery and wet,” says Koshowski. The fire happened at the railway tracks at the Sutherland Drive Park. “There was a grass fire, it looks like someone may have done some burning but it is hard to say. We extinguished it with some backpacks and water, it went out pretty fast.”(Bottom)

Top Left: A pile of burning copper sits amongst the grass along railway tracks at the Sutherland Drive Park. There were no definitive answers to whether or not the burning copper was the origin of the fire but....

: teven Duetta with the Kingston Fire and Rescue kicks around some smoldering copper wire while spraying it with water containing foam

Front Moves Across Kingston

Front Moves Across Kingston During Sunset
Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

Thunderstorms rolled on through Ontario Wednesday afternoon keeping east of Kingston towards Gananoque. Kingston avoided the thunderstorms, although a front was still visible as it moved across the city over the evening making for a dramatic sunset.

Thunderstorms rolled on through Ontario Wednesday afternoon keeping east of Kingston towards Gananoque. Although the city was clear of all storms, a front was visible as seen above Fort Frederick Museum at the Royal Military College.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Front Crosses Lake Ontario

Front Crosses Lake Ontario as Sun Sets
By Corey Lablans Photography

Thunderstorms rolled on through Wednesday, July 6th east of Kingston around the Gananoque area . Kingston remained clear of the storms allowing for an amazing sunset combined with dramatic frontal clouds, which made their way over the city and across Lake Ontario to Wolf Island.
A small sail boat makes its way out into Lake Ontario as the front makes its way towards Wolf Island.

Baby Robins

Baby Robins Fill Nest in Napanee
By Corey Lablans Photography

Four baby Robins await the return of their parents while sitting in a nest outside Tim Hortons in Napanee Wednesday, July 6th, 2011.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kingston Canada Day

Canada Day Fireworks in Kingston

Corey Lablans For The Whig-Standard

An estimated three thousand spectators took in the 15 minutes of fireworks Canada Day at Confederation Park.

Smoke on Board

Smoke Causes Family to Turn Back Boat
By Corey Lablans Photography

Kingston Fire and Rescue inspect a motorboat that had smoke coming out from underneath the steering wheel at the Kingston Marina Friday, July 1st afternoon. Ted Kanellos, the owner of the boat said they were headed out on their first run of the summer when smoke started coming out from under the steering wheel. The first thing that went through his mind was getting his kid and wife safe. “Originally we thought it was electrical but we believe it may have come from the engine,” Kanellos said. Ron Timlin, Acting Captain commented on the pathway of the smoke, saying that he believes it came through drainage pipes and out from the steering wheel. Extent of the damages are unknown at this point but the boat is being toed in and being looked at.

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